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Our New Jersey Wedding/Event Planner Reviews

Read our New Jersey wedding/event planner reviews to see what customers are saying about working with Front & Center Events.

Front & Center Events planned a surprise 50th Birthday Party for me over the Thanksgiving holiday.  When I walked in the room I was in tears.  The royal purple was gorgeous! The banner I have no words.  The way she used the colors royal purple, gold and white was EVERYTHING! Even down to the dessert, the candy apples were even royal purple and white. Still left speechless after viewing the slideshow of my childhood to present. So if you are looking for an event planner - check out Front & Center Events. P.S. I forgot about the custom glasses.

Lisa C.

I give Front & Center Events a 10 out of 10!!!!!
I hired Keiondria to plan my mother’s 60th surprise party (on VERY short notice). With COVID-19 being a concern, and everything closing I wasn’t sure it would be possible. Keiondria and I met and talked a bit to see if her company would be a good fit.  We chose to use my house for the event. She suggested the idea of an outdoor Hollywood red carpet movie premiere.
When I walked into my yard, it was transformed. With the red carpet and ropes leading you into the yard, there were individual Hollywood stars with my mother’s names over the years. Party included a theater screen, couple sofas and fire pit. We were able to eat and chat while keeping social distancing in place. Everything was perfect! All the credit goes to Front & Center Events! 
SIDENOTE: As they say, “the show must go on!” lol
After invitations were sent and replies received, no cooperation from the weather.  She handled that too! Moving the party to a day later FLAWLESSLY!
FRONT & CENTER is the way to go!

Danielle W.

Speaking of my 60th birthday celebration, Front & Center Events knocked it right out of the park! From the entrance to the walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame (elegance all the way) to the smallest details of my name being carved as an Oscar! The food and theme, the desserts, the cake, movie night snacks, the event just flowed together nicely. A night at the movies with family and friends. The food was so professionally done. Food, staff and service second to none! I don’t have the words to describe the fabulousssssssness of this party. EXCELLENT JOB FRONT & CENTER EVENTS!

Sandra W.

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